DIY Romantic New Year's Eve Dinner Date

Best Spot for a Romantic Dinner A recipe for romance that you can use wherever you are and regardless of your budget! A do-it-yourself romantic dinner with tips to make it your most memorable date, holiday or intimate occasion ever! Read more

Repurposed Furniture Makeover Crafts

Fabulous Furniture Improvs DIY guide to revamp and reuse furniture for new uses! Ultimate recycling home decor crafts! Need a dresser or place to store your clothes? Here are a few with a little twist! And no stuck or squeaky drawers!
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Free Printable Christmas Cards

Free Printable Christmas Cards With expensive Christmas cards and stamps at 42 cents each, sending holiday cards can be too expensive. Here are two solutions to keep the Christmas card tradition alive: free printable holiday Christmas post cards and cards.
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Free Printable Advent Calendars

Free Printable Advent Calendars Advent is the four week liturgical season preceding the feast of Christmas. Children enjoy counting down to Christmas with advent calendars. Here are several links with free printable Advent calendars to color, cut and paste. View more »

Free Christmas Crafts Patterns

Free Christmas Holiday Craft Patterns I just found one of the largest free craft websites that I, who scour the web daily for good websites, have ever seen. Websites have a huge assortment of free printable Christmas and December winter holiday crafts. View more »

Free Printable Holiday Toys

Free Christmas Printable Cut and Paste Activities and Toys Are you ready for free Christmas printables like you've never seen before? Then visit The Toymaker! Styled in Dickens England designs, these printables are manna for vintage art lovers! Easy enough for children to cut, assemble and paste. View more »

Free Printable Advent Wreaths

Free Printable Advent Wreaths to Color, Cut and Paste During Advent, Christians light one candle on the Advent wreath. Each candle symbolizes hope, expectation, preparation and joy at the Birth of Christ on Christmas. Here are links to free printable Advent wreaths to color, cut and paste. View more »

Free Printable Jan Brett Crafts Activities

Free Printable Jan Brett Coloring Crafts Christmas is my favorite season for making crafts with children. Happily, the internet is loaded with websites that offer free printable crafts. Visit Jan Brett's website for loads of free printable holiday coloring, cut and paste crafts! View more »

Make an Advent Wreath: History and Crafts

Advent Wreath Devotional: History, How-tos and Traditions Description of Advent Wreath practices, meaning, history and prayers.Easy, green, diy Advent Wreaths. Make with kids! View more »

Kids' Sewing Craft: Mouse Pin Cushion

Mouse Pin Cushion: Free Sewing Patterns Project for Home-Schoolers, Scouts or Craft Class Complete details and description for a cute sewing project for kids ages 7 and up to make. Perfect for home-schooling, scouts, crafts, life skills classes. Makes a great gift for moms, grandmas, tailors and those who sew. View more »

Egg Carton Crafts and Lessons

10 Science Lessons Using Recycled Egg Cartons Reuse, reduce and recycle using egg cartons in the classroom with these 10 science crafts and activities. Use for sorting, storage, games, hands-on skill builders, math lesson plans and more. View more »

Kitchen Science Recipes for Kids

Fun Kitchen Science Recipes: Super Putty Polymer recipe and guide to making a putty like Silly Putty. Safe, inexpensive, fun and easy to make and clean up. View more »

Free Printable Christmas Decorations, Holiday Activities

Free Printable Christmas Decorations Top rated websites with free printable Christmas activities including lessons, games, puzzles, activities, cut and paste, decorations on the secular or non-religious themes of the holiday. View more »

Free Printable Christmas Gifts, Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Craft Projects for School Age Kids Free Printable Christmas Coloring and Cut and Paste Activities. Use for holiday gift crafts and decorations. Perfect for advent and Christmas. Green, economical and lots of fun! View more »

Free Printable Thanksgiving Activities

Free Printable Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Activities Want some free printable Thanksgiving cut and paste crafts? Keep busy hands and minds cutting, coloring and pasting Thanksgiving decorations, bingo games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, place cards, greeting cards and more! View more »

Clean Green: DIY Green Products

Clean Green: Replace Toxic Household Cleaners with Eco-Friendly Products for Safe, Natural Cleaning Crafts mean clean-up; green crafts require green clean up! Stock your cleaning cupboard with these simple, natural household cleaners. Keep the family and students healthy and safe by avoiding harmful chemical cleaners, disinfectants and polishes. View more »

Gift Crafts for Dads

All-Occasion Gift Crafts--Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Complete guide to three easy, inexpensive craft projects. Children of all ages can participate. Great for any occasion or holiday! View more »

Autumn Crafts and Decorations

Thanksgiving and Autumn Decor: Easy Fall Crafts for Your Home Thanksgiving is a delight to the senses. I want to sop up the sounds and taste of fall. I want to gather autumn color and smell in my arms. Here's a guide to work fall and Thanksgiving into your home decor with 12 easy crafts. View more »

Easy Cheap Holiday Gift Crafts

Easy Holiday Gifts to Make 25+ quick, easy,cheap projects you can make with anyone of any age! We've been doing this for 16 years with our family!These crafts make excellent gifts! View more »

Christmas and Advent Craft- Countdown Chain

Paper Chain Christmas Countdown Craft Easy craft for all ages to help eager children anticipate the Christmas holiday. Use simply as a countdown or extend to include service, works of mercy or secret santa. View more »

Green Christmas and Advent Craft- Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree Advent Devotional Craft History, tradition, devotional use of the Jesse Tree to trace the lineage of Our Lord and prepare for his coming. Craft project instructions.
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Craft Clean Up Made Easy with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Crafts mean messes; spilled paint, glue, and other gooey stuff! Nobody wants their good table ruined, right? Any crafter needs Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! These dense little sponges can clean up almost any mess you can make! Here's a comprehensive list of the many uses for this craft clean-up product! View more »

Gardening Safety and Children

Gardening Safety with Children: Home and School Gardening with children is natural, therapeutic, hands-on, interactive and a great learning tool. If you garden with children, or teach plant care in school, there are several safety aspects to consider. Follow these steps to ensure safety. View more »

Indoor Garden for Kids

Garden Indoors for Kids--Cheap, Easy, Classroom or Home Gardening is a healthy, green activity for children. Gardening can only be done outside though, right? Good news! Here is a great gardening project that you can organize right in your own home or classroom! View more »

DIY Wall Repair~ Beautiful Wall Decor in no time!

How to Fix Ugly or Damaged Walls
How-to guide to refurbishing damaged, scuffed walls using paint, borders and appliques. Easy, green, diy, inexpensive and fun! You'll love your new walls! And you can feel proud to know you did it all by yourself!
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Easy, Cheap Handmade Cat Bed

Easy, Cheap Homemade Cat Bed Craft 'how to' to create an cheap comfy bed for your cat. Kitty will love it! View more »

Reuse Holiday Lights for Cool Decor Styles

Holiday Lights: Green, Creative Ways to Use and Reuse Don't you love the simple beauty of holiday lights? Strings of soft, delicate colors add a lovely ambiance. Use low wattage holiday lights year-round for decorating and design. Here's a list of green ways to use holiday lighting. View more »

Free Printable Crafts for Older Kids

Free Printable Crafts Projects for Older Kids: From Holiday Stuff to Room Decor Cutting, pasting and coloring is great for younger kids, but sometimes, older kids want a little more of a challenge. Do you need some challenging cut, paste and fold projects for kids eight and older? View more »

Free Printable Halloween Crafts

Free, Printable Halloween and Christmas Puzzles, Games, Mazes and Cut-and-Paste Activities Here are some links to free, printable activities, games and puzzles. You can print free memory games, mazes, hidden picture puzzles, travel games, word-search puzzles and all sorts of activities. View more »

Free Printable Halloween Decorations, Crafts

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Cut and Paste Crafts Halloween craft projects to print free. Color, cut and paste, paper dolls with Halloween costumes, masks, pumpkin decorations, trick or treat bags, puzzles, games, treat wrappers, Halloween scenes. Cute witches, ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and more! View more »

Free Printable Halloween Preschool crafts

Free Printable Preschool Learning Crafts When older siblings go back to school all day, preschoolers get bored. When the weather is too wet or cold to play for outside play, preschoolers need activities. Preschool teachers need supplemental practice pages for letters, numbers, shapes and other concepts. View more »

Boys Craft Ideas

Boys Crafts: Fathers Day or Thank-You Gift Craft--Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Need some crafts to make as gifts for dad? Make these crafts for any guy! Complete guide to three easy, inexpensive craft projects! Great for kids of all ages! Perfect for thank-you gifts for teacher, scout leader, minister! Crafts make nice gifts for dad, grandpa, uncle for birthday or holiday! These crafts make good group projects for school, Sunday School, scouts, too! View more »

Green Recycle Bin Picture Frame Craft

Math Skills Practice with a Mother's Day Craft Haul out that recycle bin and get your craft scissors ready! Here's a green craft that's user-friendly and easy. Makes a great gift for any holiday or birthday! Picture frame and math lesson rolled into one! View more »

No Sew Polar Fleece Poncho

Polar Fleece Projects for Seniors and Children Polar Fleece is literally the magic fleece! You can use and abuse polar fleece and it just keeps looking great and feeling cozy! No need to hem polar fleece, either! Ideal for seniors, babies and children! Details and materials to make an inexpensive girl's polar fleece poncho and blanket for seniors. View more »

Homemade Flower Pens, Decorated Vase

Cheap Homemade Crafts Recycled Flower Pens Bring beautiful seasonal colors into your crafts. Create blossom or leaf pens and pencils! Design a cheery vase to hold your bouquet of flower pens! View more »

Gift Crafts For School, Home, Scouts

Gifts Kids Can Make For The Holidays Great math lesson in a craft! Reusable! Renewable resources! Great gift for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, teacher, friend! A tried and true family favorite! All the kids can get involved whatever their ages! Inexpensive, attractive and useful! Works with student groups as well! Make at home, nursing homes, school, church, 4H, scouts, day care. View more »

Bike Decorating for Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day Parade

How to Decorate a Bike for a 4th of July Parade Decorate a bike for riding in a fourth of July parade or just for fun using these inexpensive decorations. View more »

Art Deco, Mosaic, Tiffany or Stained Glass

How to Create Art Deco Tiffany Glass Designs on Glass Tabletops and Lamps We DIYers can find ways to duplicate these lovely works of art in our own homes. Granted our DIY stained glass will probably not be displayed in a museum. But we can create our own pieces. View more »

Homemade Games with Recycled Materials, Free Printable Patterns

Homemade Games: Easy and Cheap to Make from Recycled Materials
Easy tutorial for making educational board games and hands-on activities from recycled materials and free printables. Perfect for all types of curriculum, content, ability and grade levels. View more »

Diorama Crafts from Recycled Materials

Free Diorama Craft Projects: Lesson Plan and Recycled Crafts Use recycled materials for a totally awesome diorama for classroom, school project, Sunday school, 4H club, day care, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, history club, model train club or anywhere! Cheap, free, fun, easy, creative and totally cool! Use this tool for any subject or content area! View more »

DIY Disney Princess Room Decor Guide

How to Design a Disney Princess Bedroom The imagination of Walt Disney has given our children a magical world of adventure and fantasy. View more »

Homemade Fall Decor with Leaves

Create Wall Decor: Falling Leaves Scene Simple DIY design technique to create a falling leaves scene on any interior wall. View more »

Milk Jug Bird Feeder Crafts

Recycled Milk Jug Bird Feeder, Bird House Crafts Easy, step by step guide to making a fun and useful summer craft from recycled milk jugs. Perfect for birders, senior citizens, preschool kids, disabled people and special needs children. View more »

Vintage Storage Boxes~ All Recycled Materials

How to Make Vintage Storage Boxes for Closet or Bedroom Storage - Easy, Recycled Craft Project for Mother's Day Get in the Green spirit with this retro 1970's decoupage craft project using recycled materials; Create lovely vintage storage boxes of all sizes to organize all your paperwork, clothing, linens, lingerie, jewelry, etc. View more »

Easy Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes

Easy Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes
Guide to make easy, cheap homemade costumes. Basic kids costume pattern to which you can add details and accessories for many unique and individual styles. Quick, recycled and warm (for chilly Halloween nights). View more »

25 Fast, Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes
Whip up some fabulous costumes fast with these easy tips and directions using items around the house. View more »

How to Make Lavender Eye Pillows for Yoga and Meditation

How to Make Lavender Eye Pillows for Yoga and Meditation Make an eye pillow for the "corpse pose" resting segment (shavasana) of yoga or meditation. View more »

Homemade Girls Summer Dress and Purse Sewing Crafts

Easy Kids Sewing Crafts: Summer Dress with Matching Headband and Purse
Make a simple, fast, cheap summer dress with matching purse and headband. Cost: under $10. Time: under 30 minutes. View more »

Cheap No Sew Homemade Curtains

DIY Cheap No Sew Curtains Quick, no sew curtain for a window or closet door made from matching bed linens. Recycled, easy and so economical! View more »

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