Gardening Safety and Children

Gardening Safety with Children: Home and School Gardening with children is natural, therapeutic, hands-on, interactive and a great learning tool. If you garden with children, or teach plant care in school, there are several safety aspects to consider. Follow these steps to ensure safety. View more »

Indoor Garden for Kids

Garden Indoors for Kids--Cheap, Easy, Classroom or Home Gardening is a healthy, green activity for children. Gardening can only be done outside though, right? Good news! Here is a great gardening project that you can organize right in your own home or classroom! View more »

DIY Wall Repair~ Beautiful Wall Decor in no time!

How to Fix Ugly or Damaged Walls
How-to guide to refurbishing damaged, scuffed walls using paint, borders and appliques. Easy, green, diy, inexpensive and fun! You'll love your new walls! And you can feel proud to know you did it all by yourself!
View more »

Easy, Cheap Handmade Cat Bed

Easy, Cheap Homemade Cat Bed Craft 'how to' to create an cheap comfy bed for your cat. Kitty will love it! View more »

Reuse Holiday Lights for Cool Decor Styles

Holiday Lights: Green, Creative Ways to Use and Reuse Don't you love the simple beauty of holiday lights? Strings of soft, delicate colors add a lovely ambiance. Use low wattage holiday lights year-round for decorating and design. Here's a list of green ways to use holiday lighting. View more »

Free Printable Crafts for Older Kids

Free Printable Crafts Projects for Older Kids: From Holiday Stuff to Room Decor Cutting, pasting and coloring is great for younger kids, but sometimes, older kids want a little more of a challenge. Do you need some challenging cut, paste and fold projects for kids eight and older? View more »

Free Printable Halloween Crafts

Free, Printable Halloween and Christmas Puzzles, Games, Mazes and Cut-and-Paste Activities Here are some links to free, printable activities, games and puzzles. You can print free memory games, mazes, hidden picture puzzles, travel games, word-search puzzles and all sorts of activities. View more »

Free Printable Halloween Decorations, Crafts

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Cut and Paste Crafts Halloween craft projects to print free. Color, cut and paste, paper dolls with Halloween costumes, masks, pumpkin decorations, trick or treat bags, puzzles, games, treat wrappers, Halloween scenes. Cute witches, ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and more! View more »

Free Printable Halloween Preschool crafts

Free Printable Preschool Learning Crafts When older siblings go back to school all day, preschoolers get bored. When the weather is too wet or cold to play for outside play, preschoolers need activities. Preschool teachers need supplemental practice pages for letters, numbers, shapes and other concepts. View more »

Boys Craft Ideas

Boys Crafts: Fathers Day or Thank-You Gift Craft--Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Need some crafts to make as gifts for dad? Make these crafts for any guy! Complete guide to three easy, inexpensive craft projects! Great for kids of all ages! Perfect for thank-you gifts for teacher, scout leader, minister! Crafts make nice gifts for dad, grandpa, uncle for birthday or holiday! These crafts make good group projects for school, Sunday School, scouts, too! View more »

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