Free Printable Easter Crafts Activities--Color-Your-Own Cards, Games, Puzzles, 3D Crafts

Easter is the highest season in the Christian church and the second largest national holiday in most countries. Easter has taken on a secular side. If you celebrate Easter with eggs, bunnies and Easter baskets here free printable Easter crafts and activities. Here are websites with free printable Easter crafts, greeting cards, Easter party games, Easter cut and fold crafts, Easter baskets, Easter bunny coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, plus a whole lot more. You can print crafts with Easter baskets, Easter eggs, bunnies, baby animals and all the cute Spring and Easter decorations. Read more at Free Printable Easter Crafts and Activities: Color Your Own Cards, Games, Puzzles, 3D Crafts 

Rediscover the Barney bag for green, cheap kids' craft fun

Barney the bouncy purple dinosaur celebrates his 20th anniversary this year. In 1992, PBS adopted the character into the series Barney & Friends. Over the years, the children's show and its outgoing host have gotten mixed reviews; people either love or despise it. I was early in my mom career with a 3-year-old, 2-year-old and infant when the show aired. My children didn't watch much television and when they did, Barney wasn't their first choice. We did pick up one idea that has become a family tradition: the Barney Bag. Looking for green, inexpensive, easy, creative crafts for anywhere-anytime fun? Why not revisit the Barney Bag? Here's a Q-and-A to get started. Read more at Rediscover the Barney bag for green, cheap kids' craft fun

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