Free Printable Mardi Gras Masks

Free Printable Mardi Gras Masks: Halloween Coloring, Cut and Paste Fun
Halloween and trick-or-treat is all about dressing up in costumes, right? So how about free printable Halloween masks for kids to color, cut and paste? Perfect for preschool, special education, art and school Halloween parties. Read on

Free Printable Columbus Day Lesson Plans, Social Studies Crafts

Free Printable Columbus Day Activities Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday of October. Plan your October Columbus Day using these free printable lessons, games, coloring, crafts and cut and paste activities. Make an astrolabe, sextant and compass. Click here

Free Printable Vintage Carousel and Theater Craft

Free Printable Vintage Circus Carousel and Theater The word 'vintage'sets my blood pulsing, especially crafts and activities. Here are free printable miniature circus carousel and theater with stage, characters, costumes and props for a regency production of Cinderella. You've got to see these free printable vintage crafts to believe how gorgeous they are! But what else would we expect from the Victoria and Albert Museum? Read on

Free Printable Vintage Crafts and Games

Free Printable Vintage Toys and Activities What do you get when you cross a Historati with an Anglophile? A great source of vintage, historical free printable activities from all over the world! Today's cool old stuff comes from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Click here for links

Free Printable Holly Hobbie Crafts Olivia Doll House

Free Printable Holly Hobbie Activities, Olivia Coloring Crafts Nick Jr. has dozens of wonderful free printable activities for children based upon their children's shows and cartoons. Here are internet links for Holly Hobbie doll house and Olivia puppet theater. Puppets and dolls included. Read more

Creative Girls Craft Club Review

Creative Girls Club: Mail Order Craft Venue I am a member of Reward Port, which offers points and gift cards for reading emails. Most offers don't interest me, but I did find one online venue that I think is worthwhile to bring to your attention. Creative Girls Craft Club. Read more

Michael Jackson Moon Walk Billie Jean Halloween Costume

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Moon Walk Dance Halloween Costume Michael Jackson is the Halloween costume for this year. Stores and online costume companies are selling Michael Jackson costumes like crazy. Here's a DIY Michael Jackson 'Billie Jean' moon walk costume. Read on

No-Sew Diy Bible and Saint Costumes

No Sew Bible Character Halloween Costumes Halloween is an ambiguous celebration. Some people love the spooky. Others do trick-or-treat, some harvest festivals; others, All Saint's Day parties. Here are Christian, biblical costumes for any type of Halloween party. Read on...

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