Free Printable Snowflake Templates to Cut

Free Printable Snowflake Patterns and Templates Paper snowflakes make a great educational tool for science. Cutting paper snowflakes is a form of kirigami. They're great fun to make! Children learn math skills by exploring the symmetry and geometric patterns in a six-sided snowflakes. Students explore art concepts by cutting snowflakes. They learn pattern, line, shape and design. Children learn about earth science by creating snowflake patterns that simulate ice crystal formations. Students improve motor skills by cutting paper snowflake patterns. They improve perceptual skills by folding the paper to create the six-sided snowflake patterns. Use these free printables for winter solstice parties on December 22, 2012. Read on

Free Printable Pilgrim Crafts for Thanksgiving

Free Printable Pilgrim Crafts for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving in the US celebrates the survival of the pilgrims who came on the Mayflower. We remember the difficulties faced by the pilgrims, or more accurately, the Puritans, and the help they received from local native American Indians. Here are free printable pilgrim crafts. Read on

Free Printable Native American Indian Crafts for Thanksgiving

Recycle Bin Native American Indian Paper Bag Crafts for Thanksgiving Many schools teach Native American Indian history; around Thanksgiving in the autumn is a popular time to explore native themes. Here is a cross-curricular lesson plan and craft to make Native American costume from a paper bag. Perfect for Halloween and American History units. Students in grades preschool through second or third grade will loves these crafts: works great for social studies projects as well. Read more

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