Green, Non Toxic Jewelry and Silver Polish

Silver cleaning and polishing compounds can be some of the most toxic chemicals in your craft cupboard or home. Many of crafting friends use silver polish for their crafts. Here's a green solution for silver polishing and cleaning. Gel toothpaste. Cheap, non-toxic, safe and green. For even safer, greener toothpaste silver polish, choose Tom's of Maine, Kiss my Face or other organic toothpaste. Read on

DIY Moon Sand, Lint Dough, Silly Putty and More Recipes

Silly Putty, Lint Dough, Moon Sand and Other Science Recipes Science and math concepts sink in best when kids are making a noise and mess. Easy, green recipes for hands-on, hands-in fun! Use recycles materials. Make DIY craft dough at a fraction of the commercial cost. Here are several recipes for farting putty, oobleck or goop, green lint dough, Moon Sand and more. Read on

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards, Coloring Activities

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Here are free printable Father's Day greeting cards, coloring pages and activities! Use these for all the special men in your life--uncle, grandpa, dad, step dad, adopted dad, brother, priest, minister, rabbi, Imam, mentor, friend. Click here!

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