Budget Baroque Decor Design Elements

Budget Rococo Decor: Lavish Design and Decor Style for the Courtesan in Us All Green, DIY budget decor guide for baroque/rococo design elements. Wall coverings, floor coverings, art, plants, fabric, furniture, window treatments, accessories and more! Read on...

Inexpensive Fathers Day Gift Crafts

Fathers Day or Thank-You Gift Craft--Quick, Easy and Inexpensive
Complete guide to three easy, inexpensive craft projects in which children of all ages can participate, just in time for Father's Day.Perfect activities for teacher thank-you gifts, scout leaders, grandfather, too. Click here

Craft Projects and Toys from the Recycle Bin

Rainy Day Toys and Games from Your Recycle Bin Your recycle bin is a veritable 'green' treasure trove for DIYer and earth-friendly fun. Here are 10 easy, green craft project toys and games from your recycle bin. Perfect for summer fun, rainy day fun, day care, scout troops, summer camp and homeschoolers! Read on

Free Printable Baby Shower Cards, Invitations, Decorations

Free Printable Baby Shower Cards, Invitations, Activities Here are links for free printable baby shower invitations, cards, games, decorations and birth announcements. Read on

Free Printable Educational Paper Cutting Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Educational Paper Cutting Crafts Projects and Activities
Cut and paste activities are perfect for summer day care, VBS, road trips, rainy day fun and more. These free printable games and projects will help kids retain what they've learned in school. www.printables4kids.com. Read on

Recycled Gift Crafts

Recycled Gift Crafts, Earth Day seed planting Green, inexpensive Mothers Day gift craft. Paint a recycled jar. Plant a seed or flower. Ideal craft activity for Arbor Day, Earth Day, religious education, scout troop, VBS, science class or summer camp. Makes a great gift for teacher appreciation, bus driver, mail men, day care providers, grandma, babysitter. Read on

Beach Toys and Garden Tools from Milk Jugs

Green Crafts:Beach and Sand Toys or Gardening Tools from Recycled Milk Jugs Want to have a day of fun with only a milk jug? Here's a guide to make beach toys, sand toys and gardening tools from a recycled milk jug a pail, strainer/sifter, funnel, mold, garden rake, hoe and spade for the beach or garden using recycled milk jug. Perfect green crafts! Click here for details

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