Free Printable Birthday Party Theme Decorations, Invitiations, Crafts: Dinosaur, Cowboy, Fairy, Circus, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar

Free Printable Themed Party Kits: Decorations, Invitations, Cards, Games for Kids Parties If you have planned a party recently, you know that decorations, invitations, party supplies and games are costly. HP offers a solution: free printable themed party kits. Print decorations and party supplies for all sorts of party themes. Read More

Free Printable Catholic Lent and Easter Coloring Pages

Free Printable Lent Coloring Pages It's often difficult to get children to pay attention at devotions time or at church. Help your children connect with Bible reading with free printable coloring pages.Here are dozens of free printable lent coloring pages. Read More

DIY Wallpaper Repair with Border Adhesive

Easy cheap DIY Wallpaper Hanging and Repair Tips It's happened. The unthinkable. You found the perfect wallpaper,bought the tools, followed the precautions and hung your wallpaper. Just as you sit back to admire it, you discovered a rip. Don't panic, here's a wallpaper first aid kit. Read More

Free Printable Valentine Cards For Children

Free Printable Valentines for Kids Kids love to exchange valentines on Valentine's Day. Valentines are going up in price just like everything else. How about a green, creative, cheap option? Free printable valentines for school exchanges? Makes good math and ELA lesson plans. Great OT activities for physically disabled and senior citizens. Here are many to choose from. Read More

How to Safely Clean Your Iron

How to Safely Clean Your Iron Irons, like everything else in the home get dirty. If you use your iron regularly, on the steam setting, it accumulates mineral deposits. You will also collect debris on your iron if it is used for craft purposes. Read More

Great Kids Toy Companies and Childrens' Crafts

Best Toy Companies and Reasonably Priced Toy Products for Kids Gifts Most of us are counting our pennies. When we buy a kids gift, we want it to be creative, well-made and enjoyable. Some product and toy manufacturer's have a better reputation than others. Here are 'quality for price' gifts for kids. Read More

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