Free Printable Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages, Mexico Crafts

Cinco de Mayo, or Fifth of May, celebrates the victory of the smaller Mexican army over the mighty French juggernaut, in the Battle of Puebla, 1862. Cinco de Mayo is not the Mexican Independence day, but many Latinos living in the U.S. celebrate it. Here are free printable Mexican themed crafts.  And here are free printable coloring pages for Cinco de Mayo. Commemorate the Mexican cultural celebration Cinco de Mayo with free printable crafts, coloring pages and lessons.   Free Printable Cinco De Mayo and Mexico Coloring Pages

Recycled Plastic Bag Basket or Rug Craft for Earth Day

April is Earth Month and what better way to celebrate by repurposing trash? It makes me sad to see plastic grocery bags littering woods and trees.  Here's a craft

I remember from when I was a kid using recycled plastic bread bags and grocery bags. Weave a rug, basket, coaster or mat. Here's how. I know should probably submit this green craft as a video tutorial or slide show, but seriously, it's so easy and self-explanatory that you'll easily get the idea.  Green, Recycled Bread Bag and Plastic Bag Basket or Rug Craft

Cheap, Homemade Easter Basket Fillers with Free Printable Crafts

Looking to make an Easter basket? You could get the ho-hum candy or you could be creative and fill the basket with nifty, useful toys and gifts. Here are cheap Easter basket filler suggestions. I've included free printable crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, toys and books. As the original minimalist mama. I do natural, sustainable, frugal, recycled. I keep holiday giving affordable and sensible. I've used these candy-alternative Easter basket ideas with our four kids. Inexpensive Candy Alternative Easter Basket Ideas for Little Girls

Cheap, Homemade, Safe Easter Egg Dyeing, Recycled Easter Decorations

Waited till the last minute to buy Easter egg dyeing kits for the kids? Now they're sold out and you have to pull a rabbit out of a hat (pun intended) and make your own Easter decorations. Take it from this mom--been there, done that. But I'm nothing if not resourceful, so never fear, last-minute Lisa to the rescue! Here are homemade Easter egg decorations using recycled and on-hand materials. And best of all--they're cheaper and safer than store-bought egg coloring kits! Cheap, Homemade, Safe Easter Egg Dyeing, Recycled Decorations

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