Free Printable Preschool Games, Hands-on Activities, Lesson Plans

Hands-on preschool games and activities help build developmental skills in early childhood. There's no need to spend money on lessons for preschoolers. You can find free printable games and interactive educational materials online. Many preschool printables are also cut and paste crafts that kids can make themselves. Here are free printable alphabet activities, reading and letter games, math worksheets and shapes lessons. Perfect for bored preschoolers whose siblings have gone back to school. Free Printable Preschool Games, Hands-on Activities, Lesson Plans

Free Printable Science Activities, Recipes from PBS ZOOM

ZOOM is a television show from PBS with a long and celebrated tradition in excellence in children's programming. The first ZOOM episodes were shot 1972 and ran until 1978. PBS brought ZOOM back for another six years in starting in 1999. Public Television and the Children's Television Workshop were truly pioneers in creating healthy, safe television shows. PBS and CTW have long been advocates for children. Children featured on the show ZOOM were introduced only by first name and last initial, making ZOOM into a show for kids like you and me.

The purpose of ZOOM as with all of PBS children's programming was to make learning fun. ZOOM featured lots of safe, kid friendly hands on science projects using common household objects.   Free Printable Science Activities and Recipes from PBS ZOOM

Science Crafts, Lessons Using Recycled Egg Cartons

We know that we need to reduce, reuse an recycle. As teachers, we can demonstrate this important lesson by turning garbage into learning materials and lessons. Egg cartons are one of my favorite items to reuse in the classroom. The possibilities are endless. Here are over 10 ways that you can incorporate this concept into your curriculum and lessons using old egg cartons. You'll save money and be a friend to the environment as well. 10 Science Lessons Using Recycled Egg Cartons 

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