How to Make a Floral American Flag for Memorial Day

My mother-in-law lives in a lovely retirement community. She is also an avid gardener and has an unusually green thumb. Last Memorial Day, she volunteered to plant a patriotic "floral flag" garden. Her design was remarkably popular and well-received by visitors and residents. I asked her how she designed it and she explained it to me. I'll pass this easy attractive garden layout on so you can create a patriotic display floral as well.  How to Make a Floral American Flag for Memorial Day 

Free Printable Summer Beach and Nature Craft Activities

Family Fun magazine is the best family magazine to hit newsstand since the Saturday Evening Post. Family Fun focuses on inexpensive, diy crafts, games, recipes and activities for the whole family. Here are free printable summer fun crafts and scrapbook activities from Family Fun's free printables page Printapalooza (click here for Family Fun Summer printables home page)You know I never can resist sharing links for the free printable activities I find all over the web. And with Family Fun, you can always be sure the you'll get safe, inexpensive, green, diy family activities from fun other great families. Free Printable Summer Beach and Nature Craft Activities 

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