Free Printable Kid Concoctions Recipes, Crafts

Kid Concoctions: TV Show, Website, Books and Activities Our daughter is a big fan of the TV show Kid Concoctions on HG-TV, Discovery Channel and PBS. Kid Concoctions is the brain child of husband and wife team, John E. and Danita Thomas. Kid Concoctions are recipes for art, science and cooking activities. Click this link to take you to Consumer Crafts for special pricing on Kid Concoction products. Read more

Easy Recycled Cardboard Puppet Crafts Activity

Easy Homemade Recycled Cardboard Puppet Craft I've taught puppetry for 25+ years. The puppets I make with children are made with recycled materials. My focus is on creativity, individuality and exploration. Here is an easy puppet craft made with recycled cardboard. Read on

Easy Kids Knitting Projects

Easy Knitting Projects for Kids When children begin knitting, they aren't quite ready for a big project; they prefer to make smaller projects. Here is a list of simple knitting projects using basic square or rectangle knitted pieces. Click here

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