Back-to-school bash, Crafts Lollapalooza

Labor Day is a bittersweet holiday. It's a time of summer endings and fall beginnings. Why not start the school year off on a fun note with a back-to-school party? Here's an easy and cheap kids' party plan for students in preschool to middle elementary.

* Choose a positive theme. This gets kids excited about school. Make it a shoe theme with the slogan "We're putting our best foot forward." Or do a football theme--"Kicking off a great year."  Throw a back-to-school bash for your kids

Green Recycled Halloween Pumpkin Crafts, Fall Harvest Craft Ideas

Planning your annual Halloween party or harvest festival? Or maybe you're planning a fall themed party for school or church? Here are easy recycled fall themed crafts that focus on autumn harvest and non-spooky Halloween fun. Easy, inexpensive crafts using materials from your recycle bin.  Eco Friendly Recycled Halloween and Autumn Harvest Craft Ideas 

Back to School Kickoff Event: Nature Detective Treasure Hunt

Welcome kids back to school with a super science exploration kick off activity. Make easy inexpensive individual nature detective and science investigator kits for homeschool and elementary or middle school students. Here's an easy school kickoff event that's cheap and hands on. Back to School Kickoff Event: DIY Nature Science Activities

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