Reusable Gift Wrap Containers

Creative and Reusable Ways to Wrap Presents Christmas decorations and wrapping paper are an industry of their own. Shoppers spend millions each holiday season on wrapping paper and trim; all of which goes to landfills after Christmas. Green solutions are a must. Read on

Cheap Homemade Gift Baskets

Cheap Homemade Gift Baskets Holiday gift baskets make an ideal present. Gift baskets can be personalized based on hobby or interest. Gift baskets can be made inexpensively. Here are ten items to include in a gift basket. Read on

Cheap DIY Personalized Gift Basket Crafts

How to Create Inexpensive, Personalized Gift Baskets Holiday gift baskets have been a popular gift item for some time now. Some of us have found ways to create personalized gift baskets based on interest. What is more challenging is to create inexpensive gift baskets. Read on

Free Printable Halloween Crafts, Paper Toys--Scary!

Free Printable Scary Halloween Paper Decorations, Toys and Crafts Looking for free printable crafts and projects for creepy Halloween fun? Gothic horror doesn't get any better than at RavensBlight Toy Shop! Spooky cemetery games, haunted house models, creepy crafts for Gothic Halloween fun. perfect for that Haunted House or Halloween party! Read on

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Gangster Halloween Costume

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Gangster Halloween Costume The late Michael Jackson will doubtless be the most popular Halloween costume this year. But why spend money? Make your own Michael Jackson costume. Here's a homemade Smooth Criminal costume. Read on

Cheap Homemade Window Treatments

Cheap Homemade Decor: Avant-Garde Window Treatments I enjoy reading decor magazines and then trying ideas in my own home. The difference being that I try to create the $500 look for $20. Today's home decor tip: creative, inexpensive, recycled window treatments. Read on

No-Sew Recycled Curtains

Homemade No Sew Swag Drapes and Curtains with Recycled Bed Sheets
Frugal is my middle name. DIY are my initials and resourceful is my main character trait. I'm always looking for ways to create expensive decor with recycled materials. Today's tip: reuse top sheets for no-sew swag curtains. Read on...

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