Free Printable Memorial Day Worksheets, Crafts, Games

 Memorial Day, celebrated the last Monday in May, isn't just the first summer holiday. As Remembrance Day, we honor veterans and those lost in U.S. wars. It's also Decoration Day, when we commemorate loved ones lost by putting flowers on graves. Teachers and homeschool parents, here are free printable lesson plans, worksheets, crafts and games to teach kids about this national holiday.Free Printable Memorial Day Worksheets, Crafts, Games

Free Printable File Folder Games

 File folder games are one of the most popular types of educational games. File folder games are made using manila tag-board file folders. The game board is printed on the inside of the file folder. In necessary, a spinner is designed on the folder to replace dice. Any cards or game pieces are kept in a zippered plastic bag or pocket attached to the inside of the folder. The file folder stores upright in any filing cabinet or drawer. File folder games can be created to teach any subject or content area in school. File folder games are perfect for homeschool families, day care, tutoring and preschool centers also. File folder games work especially well with special needs students. Teachers print and make this summer for fall lesson plans! Free Printable File Folder Games

Free Printable Baby Shower Games, Decorations, Invitations, Cards

Got a baby on the way? Or maybe a friend or relative does? If you're planning a baby shower, baptism or christening party, you know costs can easily get out of hand. Why not save money using free online printables? Print baby shower games, crafts, decorations, banners, invitations, cards and thank-you notes. Give what you save as a gift to the mom-to-be.Free Printable Baby Shower Games, Decorations, Invitations, Cards

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