Free Disney Printable Frozen Crafts

I've written articles on free printable kids crafts since for years. I often link to the Family Fun website (from Family Fun magazine). Family Fun partners with Disney and provides lots of Disney-themed crafts. Family Fun now has a new website Spoonful. Besides regular Family Fun goodies, Disney crafts can be found there too.  Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful

Hands-On, Open-Ended Creative Kids' Art Activities

Kids need art like plants need sun. In fact, art imitates childhood, when it grows organically and isn't manufactured. I had a sad childhood experience with formula art. A teacher publicly criticized my piece for not fitting the mold.
Admittedly, I didn't follow directions. She specifically said start drawing in the middle of the page. And I drew a boat along the bottom. I completely forgot, being caught up in the joy of creating. And it killed my confidence. Here's how not to let that happen with kids. Art Imitates Childhood: Hands-On, Creative Kids' Art Activities

Cheap, Recycled Gift Craft for Kids--Decoupage Vases

I empathize with moms of little ones--too cold to play outside for long. How about a cheap, chilly day craft for housebound kids? Most everything you need comes from your recycle bin. It's an easy retro crafting technique called decoupage or Mod Page.  Cheap, Recycled Gift Craft for Children

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