Free Printable Educational Crafts

Summer is an excellent time to explore the wonderful world of free printable craft projects. Cut and paste activities are perfect for day care, kids at home, road trips, rainy day fun and summer craft camps. During the summer, teachers and homeschoolers have an opportunity to make educational games and activities for their classrooms. Free printable activities are the perfect resource for educational games.  Free Printable Educational Cut and Paste Projects and Activities

Outdoor Summer Life Science Activities, Biology Nature Crafts

Life science, or biology, is an essential school subject. But kids often hate science because it's taught from boring textbooks in meaningless paper-and-pencil activities. Rediscover the inherent fascination of life science this summer with hands-on experiments and crafts. Teach green, using recycled supplies.  Outdoor Summer Life Science Activities, Biology Nature Crafts

Graduation Hat Cookies and Favors Recipes

Sheet cakes for graduation open house parties are very expensive. And pretty though the cake may be, they usually taste like cardboard and sweetened shortening. How about cookies shaped like mortarboard graduation hats instead. Here's the recipe. We recently celebrated our son's graduation open house. I made graduation hat cookies instead of buying a cake. I saved about 75% of what I would have paid for a nice cake and there was no wasted cake. These yummy cookies went over big with young and old alike. Alas, I forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination. But the concept is easy to follow. Since writing this, I saw these made with chocolate cupcakes instead of peanut butter cups (use mini muffins or larger packaged ones).Graduation Party Mortarboard Hat Cookies and Favors Recipes

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