Free Printable Summer Olympics Crafts, Games for Preschool, Early Childhood

The 2012 Summer Olympics kicked off on July 27 in London, England. They'll run through August 12. Looking for hands-on activities to engage young ones in the Olympic festivities (or keep them occupied so that you can enjoy the events)? Look no further--here's an assortment of Olympic-sized goodies for the youngest fans. Preschoolers and early elementary age kids will love these activities designed especially for their developmental level. Free Printable Summer Olympics Crafts, Games for Preschool, Early Childhood 

Free Printable Medieval Crafts, Coloring Pages

I have a penchant for history, especially of the medieval period. I'm sure that my idea of the Middle Ages is pretty romanticized, but I can't help thrilling to words like dovecote, kirtle and merlon. If you share my predilection, here are free printable coloring pages from the medieval period. Free Printable Medieval Middle Ages Crafts, Coloring Pages. 

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