Easy Ceramic Dish Design Craft

My daughter designed a platter for me for Christmas. She copied a recipe from my grandmother in my grandmother's handwriting on it. As grandma is now deceased, God rest her soul, it's very special. I was thinking how perfect it would be for bored, snowbound kids or adults to make. Shut-in seniors might like making these too. All you need is permanent markers, glassware and an oven. If you're designing a surface that contacts food, use food safe markers.  Snowbound this Winter? Make This Easy Craft My Daughter Made

Recycled Craft for Kids

Here's a favorite craft that I used decades ago, made with recycled materials.  Pet baby tornado. With a name like that, can you see why it so intrigues kids? Give each child a glass jar with lid or have them bring from home. Have them wash at school and teach life skills of dishwashing. When clean, fill jar almost to top with water (leave a little room) and add a drop of dish soap.  Pet Tornado Craft for Kids

Free Chinese New Year 2014 Year of the Horse, Kung Fu Panda Printables

The Chinese calendar system is centuries older than the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese New Year January 31 in 2014. 2014 is the Year of the Tiger, or Wu Ma as it is called in the older Chinese tradition. Teacher, home-schoolers, explore world cultures with these free resources. Here are Chinese New Year printables with lessons, crafts, puzzles, games and materials. There are Kung Fu Panda and Lantern Festival activities, too. Free Printable Activities for the Chinese New Year

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