Free Printable Kwanzaa Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Kwanzaa Coloring Pages, Crafts, Lesson Plans and Activities
Kwanzaa is a uniquely African American winter holiday which begins on December 26 and is celebrated for nine days. Candles are lit and prayer offerings made. Here are free printable Kwanzaa coloring pages, crafts, games, lessons and activities. Read more...

Holiday Potpourri Craft

Easy, Homemade Potpourri: Great Craft for Preschool and Special Needs Students During the holiday season, when I am not baking, I keep a small saucepan simmering on low with potpourri. I make my own holiday blend. Here is an easy potpourri recipe that doubles as a gift and craft for preschool, seniors and special needs students. Read More

Free Printable 3D Pop Up Cards

Free Printable Pop Up Cards Patterns-- Cheap Holiday Card Making Crafts
'Green', 'Inexpensive' and 'DIY' are this holiday season's buzzwords. Here is a Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice or Kwanzaa craft that is all three: pop-up holiday cards made right from your recycle bin; with free printable stencils, they are darn near free. Read More

Free Printable St. Lucia Crafts

Free Printable St. Lucia Day Activities Advent is the period of preparation for Christmas. Several special feast days fall during Advent: December 6- St. Nicholas, December 12-Our Lady of Guadalupe and December 13- St. Lucia. Here are free printable activities for St. Lucia Day. Read More

Decorating Real vs. Artificial Trees: Green, Health, Safety

Real Christmas Trees vs. Artificial Holiday Decorations: Green, Safe, Inexpensive When my husband and I first married, we were die-hard DIYers and traditionalists. We vowed always to have a real Christmas tree each holiday. We would trudge through snowy fields and cut our own. But reality hit me in the head last year. Read More

Free Printable Holiday Stencils

Free Printable Holiday Stencils for Winter Holiday and Christmas Card Making Crafts We've been making our own Christmas and holiday cards for years now. Since 'Green' and 'Saving Money' are bywords this Christmas, this card making craft includes a contest to create unique, green designs from recycled materials. Makes lesson plans for art, ELA, social studies, and volunteer groups. Make with senior citizens and disabled, too. Free printable stencils included Read More

Stained Glass Window Christmas Cards with Free Stencil Templates

Easy Stained Glass Window Christmas Card Crafts with Free Printable Holiday Stencils I'm always looking for good Christmas and holiday crafts that work with senior citizens, preschoolers and special needs students. As a former adult ed instructor, I look for no fail, user friendly crafts that build a sense of accomplishment in students. Here's a no-fail stenciled holiday card making craft with free printable stencils. Read More

Cheap Homemade Holiday Gifts for Senior Citizens, Homebound

Easy Green Recycled Holiday Gifts to Make for Disabled, Handicapped, Homebound, Seniors and Bird Watchers Bird feeders are some of the easiest crafts to make for holiday gifts. Bird feeders are inexpensive, eco-friendly gifts that will delight anyone on your holiday gift list, especially grandparents, shut-ins, elderly and homebound. Read More

Free Printable Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving and Harvest Activities

Free Printable Pumpkin and Jack-o-Lantern Stencils and Craft Activities Whether you celebrate Halloween, Trick-or-treat or harvest festivals, pumpkins are a common theme for autumn parties, crafts and activities. Use these free printable pumpkins crafts, stencils and coloring for your fall party. Read More

Easy Autumn Craft Decorations

Thanksgiving and Autumn Decor: Easy Fall Crafts for Your Home Thanksgiving is a delight to the senses. I want to sop up the sounds and taste of fall. I want to gather autumn color and smell in my arms. Here's a guide to work fall and Thanksgiving into your home decor with 12 easy crafts. View more »

Reusable Gift Wrap Containers

Creative and Reusable Ways to Wrap Presents Christmas decorations and wrapping paper are an industry of their own. Shoppers spend millions each holiday season on wrapping paper and trim; all of which goes to landfills after Christmas. Green solutions are a must. Read on

Cheap Homemade Gift Baskets

Cheap Homemade Gift Baskets Holiday gift baskets make an ideal present. Gift baskets can be personalized based on hobby or interest. Gift baskets can be made inexpensively. Here are ten items to include in a gift basket. Read on

Cheap DIY Personalized Gift Basket Crafts

How to Create Inexpensive, Personalized Gift Baskets Holiday gift baskets have been a popular gift item for some time now. Some of us have found ways to create personalized gift baskets based on interest. What is more challenging is to create inexpensive gift baskets. Read on

Free Printable Halloween Crafts, Paper Toys--Scary!

Free Printable Scary Halloween Paper Decorations, Toys and Crafts Looking for free printable crafts and projects for creepy Halloween fun? Gothic horror doesn't get any better than at RavensBlight Toy Shop! Spooky cemetery games, haunted house models, creepy crafts for Gothic Halloween fun. perfect for that Haunted House or Halloween party! Read on

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Gangster Halloween Costume

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Gangster Halloween Costume The late Michael Jackson will doubtless be the most popular Halloween costume this year. But why spend money? Make your own Michael Jackson costume. Here's a homemade Smooth Criminal costume. Read on

Cheap Homemade Window Treatments

Cheap Homemade Decor: Avant-Garde Window Treatments I enjoy reading decor magazines and then trying ideas in my own home. The difference being that I try to create the $500 look for $20. Today's home decor tip: creative, inexpensive, recycled window treatments. Read on

No-Sew Recycled Curtains

Homemade No Sew Swag Drapes and Curtains with Recycled Bed Sheets
Frugal is my middle name. DIY are my initials and resourceful is my main character trait. I'm always looking for ways to create expensive decor with recycled materials. Today's tip: reuse top sheets for no-sew swag curtains. Read on...

Free Printable Mardi Gras Masks

Free Printable Mardi Gras Masks: Halloween Coloring, Cut and Paste Fun
Halloween and trick-or-treat is all about dressing up in costumes, right? So how about free printable Halloween masks for kids to color, cut and paste? Perfect for preschool, special education, art and school Halloween parties. Read on

Free Printable Columbus Day Lesson Plans, Social Studies Crafts

Free Printable Columbus Day Activities Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday of October. Plan your October Columbus Day using these free printable lessons, games, coloring, crafts and cut and paste activities. Make an astrolabe, sextant and compass. Click here

Free Printable Vintage Carousel and Theater Craft

Free Printable Vintage Circus Carousel and Theater The word 'vintage'sets my blood pulsing, especially crafts and activities. Here are free printable miniature circus carousel and theater with stage, characters, costumes and props for a regency production of Cinderella. You've got to see these free printable vintage crafts to believe how gorgeous they are! But what else would we expect from the Victoria and Albert Museum? Read on

Free Printable Vintage Crafts and Games

Free Printable Vintage Toys and Activities What do you get when you cross a Historati with an Anglophile? A great source of vintage, historical free printable activities from all over the world! Today's cool old stuff comes from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Click here for links

Free Printable Holly Hobbie Crafts Olivia Doll House

Free Printable Holly Hobbie Activities, Olivia Coloring Crafts Nick Jr. has dozens of wonderful free printable activities for children based upon their children's shows and cartoons. Here are internet links for Holly Hobbie doll house and Olivia puppet theater. Puppets and dolls included. Read more

Creative Girls Craft Club Review

Creative Girls Club: Mail Order Craft Venue I am a member of Reward Port, which offers points and gift cards for reading emails. Most offers don't interest me, but I did find one online venue that I think is worthwhile to bring to your attention. Creative Girls Craft Club. Read more

Michael Jackson Moon Walk Billie Jean Halloween Costume

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Moon Walk Dance Halloween Costume Michael Jackson is the Halloween costume for this year. Stores and online costume companies are selling Michael Jackson costumes like crazy. Here's a DIY Michael Jackson 'Billie Jean' moon walk costume. Read on

No-Sew Diy Bible and Saint Costumes

No Sew Bible Character Halloween Costumes Halloween is an ambiguous celebration. Some people love the spooky. Others do trick-or-treat, some harvest festivals; others, All Saint's Day parties. Here are Christian, biblical costumes for any type of Halloween party. Read on...

Free Printable Kid Concoctions Recipes, Crafts

Kid Concoctions: TV Show, Website, Books and Activities Our daughter is a big fan of the TV show Kid Concoctions on HG-TV, Discovery Channel and PBS. Kid Concoctions is the brain child of husband and wife team, John E. and Danita Thomas. Kid Concoctions are recipes for art, science and cooking activities. Click this link to take you to Consumer Crafts for special pricing on Kid Concoction products. Read more

Easy Recycled Cardboard Puppet Crafts Activity

Easy Homemade Recycled Cardboard Puppet Craft I've taught puppetry for 25+ years. The puppets I make with children are made with recycled materials. My focus is on creativity, individuality and exploration. Here is an easy puppet craft made with recycled cardboard. Read on

Easy Kids Knitting Projects

Easy Knitting Projects for Kids When children begin knitting, they aren't quite ready for a big project; they prefer to make smaller projects. Here is a list of simple knitting projects using basic square or rectangle knitted pieces. Click here

Free Printable 4th of July Paper Cutting Crafts

Free Printable Patriotic Projects and Activities These free printable patriotic crafts and activities might be used as lesson plans for school or homeschool. Hands-on activities liven up any lesson! Use these activities for American history, Government, Civics and Social Studies.Decorative and fun! Read on

Free Printable Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Free Printable Crochet and Knitting Patterns Knitting and crochet are lovely arts. Knit and crochet projects make great gifts that are useful, warm and attractive. Happily, there are thousands of free printable knitting and crochet patterns available on the internet. Read on for links

Easy, DIY Child's Hooded Beach Towel

Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Child's Hooded Beach or Bathrobe You've seen those hooded childrens' beach towels? Cute, but expensive, right? Here's a simple pattern for a hooded beach towel or bathrobe that will fit most any child. Inexpensive and quick to make. Green, recycled craft. Read on

Free Printable 4th of July Party Activities with U.S. History Ideas

Free Printable 4th of July Crafts Easy Kids' 4th of July Party Planner with U.S. History Ideas Games, crafts, menu, recipes for 4th of July fun. Includes some US history activities. Free printable 4th of July crafts

Free Printable 4th of July Craft Activities

Free Printable 4th of July Paper Crafts and Activities Remember,the 4th of July is a very special holiday for veterans and senior citizens. Perhaps you could make some of these crafts for an elderly shut-in neighbor? If you are lucky, they will share their 4th of July memories! Read on

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