Recycled Cardboard Appliances and Furniture for Play House- Sink and Refrigerator

Easy, DIY Recycled Cardboard Play House Furniture and Appliances: Sink and Refrigerator When I was young, my parents made an entire play house for me from recycled cardboard boxes. This series of articles gives step-by-step instructions to make easy appliances and furniture. In this article: sink and refrigerator. Read More

Recycled Cardboard Play House Craft

Easy Homemade Recycled Cardboard Play House for Preschool Learning Center Practical Life Area Children are wonderfully imaginative. Give them an old box, tell them that it's a car and they will enjoy hours of driving fun. Likewise, create a practical life area for your preschool classroom learning center with just a refrigerator box.
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Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns

Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns Halloween costumes are expensive to buy or rent. Why not make your Halloween costume this year? I just found a website with 200 free printable Halloween costume patterns, templates and designs for babies, children, teens and adults. All free. Just in time for trick or treat. Read More

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