Free Printable Preschool Board Games, Learning Activities

I'm a certified special needs teacher for CI (cognitively impaired) students. I always write interactive lesson plans. Hands-on activities, like games, make content relevant, approachable and understandable for both general and special education students. Preschool kids particularly need multi-sensory learning activities. Happily, there are many free printable preschool games available online. Free Printable Preschool Board Games, Learning Activities

Preschool Game Craft--Pirate Treasure Box

I read a blog post recently about digging through old jewelry. That post got me thinking about a nifty game-craft I did with my kids when they were younger. It was especially popular with my sons. We made pirate treasure boxes. Here's how.
You will need:
old, recycled boxes (wood, metal, cardboard) You might use old jewelry boxes as I did.
aluminum foil (to cover box if it isn't already)
fabric scraps and decoration do-dads: feathers, yarn, sequins, ribbon, faux gems, glitter (kids can use this to decorate box) Read on for complete directions. Preschool Game Craft--Pirate Treasure Box

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