Archaeology Crafts, Lesson Plans

I just discovered Bonekickers from BBC One. This show is from 2008. It explores new archaeology digs in Somerset England. If you'd like to unearth some cool history-based crafts and activities, visit the Bonekickers website for nifty idea. And for a quick easy craft, press leaves, ferns and shells in clay. This shows kids how fossils are made. Bonekickers TV Show, a Fun Archaeology Thrill Ride

Recycle Bin Crafts for Bored Kids: Homemade Hats

Got stuck-at-home-itis? can’t Got rainy-day, can't go out to play bored kids? Maybe someone is sick, or the whole family has head lice (been there done that)? Maybe the car is down or little ones are lonely with siblings at school? If so, you need teacher mama's boredom first aid kit. I’m your go-to gal for cheap, easy, parent friendly fun. '
Cause you know I'm short on artistic skill!

For every craft you can imagine, your recycle bin is your best bud. Today's craft from trash: homemade hats. And ahem, with Halloween fast-approaching, why not start thinking costumes? This design was developed by our oldest daughter at 20 months old. We kept her blocks and toys sorted in those old 5 pound peanut butter pails.  Recycle Bin Crafts for Bored Kids: Homemade Hats - News - Bubblews

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