Silly Putty, Lint Dough, Moon Sand and Cool Science Craft Recipes

My kids loved to make stuff in the kitchen; preferable messy stuff! And explosives with noxious smells was also a plus (lol). Summertime is great for backyard or kitchen chemistry crafts. Here are my best recipes for messy, sticky, bouncy, glittery goo! Read on for silly putty, farting putty (makes disgusting sounds boys--and girls--don't tell--love!) flubber, play dough, melting goop, Ectoplasm (slime like from that ancient cartoon Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters--I'm dating myself), oobleck and moon sand recipes. I'll even throw in a few surprise recipes because you're all so nice! I advise you make outside where it won't goo up your kitchen.  Silly Putty, Lint Dough, Moon Sand and Other Science Recipes

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