Homemade recycled cardboard castle craft project

Here's a craft project that can be used for home, homeschool, Sunday School, CCD, classroom and youth theater: a cardboard castle.

To start, make cardboard castle walls. Cut open two large, recycled cardboard refrigerator boxes. Tape boxes together to make an octagon castle "keep." Cut windows and castle battlements. Castle walls had a series of crenelations and merlons (squared edge thingys) along the top.

Decorate cardboard castle. Draw in bricks and family crest. Make medieval drawbridge by cutting a flap in the side of cardboard castle. Attach yarn to both sides of to lower and raise drawbridge. Cut holes in the top to tie drawbridge closed. Place blue and green blankets around the outside for the castle moat. Fill with stuffed animal dragons, fish, alligators and other aquatic creatures.

Make secret entrances. Line chairs up to make a crawl-through tunnel entrance into castle. Drape sheets, blankets and bed linens over tunnel. Establish cardboard castle dungeon. Make a parapet (walkway) by placing several chairs or a bench along the inside edge of the castle. Soldiers keep lookout here and send prisoners to sit under the chairs in the dungeon sit under bench. Fashion a turret. Put a collapsible net laundry hamper upside down on a chair inside the castle. Children crawl into hamper and onto chair to look out of the turret. Help kids make hobby horses from old brooms to play knight.

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